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FireTower Guard™

As computers and mobile devices have grown in popularity and accessibility, people have become increasingly reliant on these devices to conduct their business and transfer their personal information.  With the growing importance of computers in our personal lives and in the business environment, the creation and use of malware for information theft, network sabotage and disruption of workflow has grown at a similar rate.

Current anti-virus and anti-malware software solutions are proficient at detecting known, catalogued viruses and malware, but are ill-equipped to deal with previously undiscovered malware (also known as Zero-day attacks).  With new malware variants appearing on a daily basis, this poses a critical problem to businesses and home office users who cannot afford to suffer even an occasional, unchecked malware attack.

FireTower Guard is a purpose-built security application for protecting client PCs against all types of malware and Zero-day attacks.  Rather than relying on the traditional signature-based detection of current anti-virus solutions, FireTower Guard examines the “behavior” of software in determining whether they exhibit malicious intent.  FireTower Guard features automatic detection, quarantine and removal of malware.

FireTower Guard is an effective solution in both the home office and corporate network environments and is available for either Personal (individual use) or Business (as a bundle).


FireTower Guard™
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