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Autorun Authentication Technology and Service

Real-Time Autorun Authentication Service

FireTower Guard, with the assistance from a cloud-based Autorun Setting Repository (ASR), uses the information collected through the Autorun Tagging process to assess security ratings of incoming/changed Autorun tags.  This Autorun Authentication is completed through an Autorun database whitelist stored in the Autorun Setting Repository (ASR) and maintained by a cyber security team at Sampan Security Inc.

Autorun Setting Repository (ASR)

As an integral part of FireTower Guard operation, endpoint computers record and upload static metadata of all Autorun entries and folder path information to an Autorun Setting Repository database for authentication.  This uploaded data is stripped of all personally identifiable information.

A Typical Autorun Authentication Process using FireTower Guard Software

  1. Autorun setting change detection through FireTower Guard sensor array
  2. Authentication Query sent to ASR with MD5 and SHA-1 of Autorun target file
  3. Receive and notify user of the Autorun rating information from ASR

While there are numerous Autorun utility applications available such as “Hijack This” from Trend Micro, “Autorun.exe” from Microsoft TechNet, and Task Power from PC Magazine, it requires the knowledge and experience of a trained forensic investigator to make the assessments necessary for resolving system issues and for authenticating suspicious Autorun entries.  FireTower Guard’s Autorun Authentication can easily identify known, safe entries so the forensic investigator can concentrate on the few suspicious entries.

Sampan Security, Inc. is now opening the Autorun Setting Repository (ASR) to the public for free authentication service on Autoruns based on MD5 and SHA-1 hash values.  Currently there are two mechanisms available to conduct these Autorun Authentication queries: FireTower Guard standalone software and a command line utility called AutorunCheck.

Autorun Authentication Tools from Sampan Security Inc.

Free Autorun Authentication Service tools are available through real-time FireTower Guard Trial Edition or the scanning-based AutorunCheck utility.

There are two major differences between these free tools:

  1. Installation: FireTower Guard has to be installed on a Windows PC while AutorunCheck is a ready-to-run Windows console application.
  2. FireTower Guard provides real-time Autorun Authentication service while AutorunCheck generates a static Autorun Authentication report snapshot.

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