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There are numerous ways for malicious software to gain access to your computer, but to ensure that they remain there they often use a common trick: creating an Autorun entry on your computer.  An Autorun entry allows software of all types, malicious or safe, to establish persistence on a PC by telling that PC to automatically execute their software every time the system boots up.

FireTower is a free, real-time discovery tool for detecting Autorun entry insertions.  FireTower examines all currently installed Autorun entries on your PC and also automatically detects and notifies you of incoming Autorun insertion attempts.  By tracking these Autorun entries and insertion attempts, you are better equipped to understand what both legitimate software and unwanted malware are trying to do on your PC.

New FireTower software (free for individual use) has now been merged with a 30-day trial of full featured Guard Service. Please refer to the FireTower Guard factsheet for additional information on Guard service features. After the trial period expires, Guard features will be disabled but original FireTower features will be preserved.


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FireTower™ Software (FREE) with 30-day trial of Guard Service

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